Quick update whoops

Because of course a few things needed to be fixed still. Changes are:

- Fixed pre-rotate/pre-hold not working on the first piece.
- Delayed Autoshift now charges properly during the countdown before a stage/sandbox starts, so now you can hold a direction and the first piece will move just like the others.
- You can now pause in the main game with Escape instead of it taking you back to the title screen. Escape has no effect during dialogue now.
- Changed the piece spawn position when the field has an odd number of columns. Everything's more centred now, and pentominoes won't spawn out of bounds on a 5-wide field.
- There's now a Mac OS X release, yay!

If there's anything that would make this demo more playable before I add more content, feel free to let me know.


A Gnowius' Challenge (demo) (win64).zip 225 MB
12 days ago
A Gnowius' Challenge (demo) (win32).zip 225 MB
12 days ago
A Gnowius' Challenge (demo) (linux).zip 223 MB
12 days ago
A Gnowius' Challenge (demo) (mac).zip 226 MB
12 days ago

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